Thursday, August 15, 2013

going to a rodeo (in texas).

while in texas, we figured we might as well go to a rodeo and act like were texan and get all dressed up like silly western cowboys and cowgirls. right?  well, we did and had great time doing it.  jack was also the big winner for a kid contest that involved chasing a sheep down and pulling the balloon from his ear. he was so proud of himself and we were all pretty shocked ourselves considering there were like 50 plus kids running around chasing this sheep.  its that competitive breinholt blood i tell ya.

we had never been to a rodeo before anywhere so i was quite surprised by all the different events that go on during a rodeo.  i thought it was pretty much only bull riding but boy was i wrong.  there were also lasso tricks, and cowboys lassoing a calf which was actually kind of sad, and the rodeo clown who wasn't really that funny at all, and then there were horse races around barrels.  i'm sure these events have actual names but i have no idea what they are.

we had a good time at the rodeo and were in good company which made it even better.  we love our texas siblings and cousins!  yee haw!!

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