Tuesday, August 13, 2013

fourth of july in texas.

the first stop on our big road trip of the summer was to texas (just outside of dallas) to visit jason's sister and spend time with the cousins.  we drove through the night and arrived on the morning of the fourth of july. we napped a lot of the day and that evening we went to a pool party. as night fell, we gathered everything and went all the way to the front yard to watch multiple firework shows that lit up the sky.  it was awesome. (in texas you are allowed to set off the "big" fireworks right from your house!)  i decided texas knows how to celebrate the fourth.  jack was so fired up about all the fireworks that he convinced his dad to go buy him some fireworks of his very own.  so, there they were, firework shopping on the night of the fourth...we still have the fireworks that they bought that night.  not sure what we are saving them for.  anyway, it was a pretty good first day in the great state of texas.

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