Monday, August 19, 2013

fossil rim.

one of the days we were in texas we went to this place called fossil rim.  it's a wildlife park that you drive your car through and get to have up close and personal interaction with animals.  we had some bags of food to lure the animals to our car and before you know it, there they were eating right out of our hands.  it was really cool but gross at the same time because after feeding them, your hand was covered in animal drool.  a few times, i thought some of those antlered guys were going to jump right into our car with us.  they would get their entire heads into the car.  they weren't shy at all!  midway through we stopped for a picnic lunch and then stopped at the petting zoo to say hi to the little goats and pigs and turtles.  jonah really enjoyed that.

it was a little warm that day, so we had some kids with some red faces but we saw and fed some really rad animals.  it was a great little adventure and the kids were completely wore out by the end.  so wore out that everyone crashed on the way home :)

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