Friday, August 9, 2013

lake powell | part 2.

looking back, this was such a great trip! we did a lot of water skiing and such.  my dad who is nearing his seventies, can still tear it up on a ski.  that guy amazes me.  ava tried to ski for her first time and got up. we were so proud of her but since i was driving the jet ski that pulled her and jason was in the water with her, i didn't get a picture of it.  speaking of jason, that husband of mine is pretty incredible himself. he was able to get up on wakeboard while holding two year old jonah and then continued to wakeboard for a few minutes while going back and forth over the wake.  show off.  i managed to do some water skiing myself.  i always have to do it at least once per trip.  jonah was a big helper by holding the flag for all the skiers in the water and by helping papa drive the boat.

we also kept busy with fishing, paddle boarding, swimming, roasting marshmallows, trips to dangling rope marina for an ice cream fix, sand castle building, taco eating competitions, rooftop dance parties, late night movies, and so much more.  lake powell will forever be one of our most favorite places.

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