Friday, August 23, 2013

jack's 9th birthday.

jack celebrated his 9th birthday about two weeks ago.  it was on a saturday and usually a saturday is great day to have a birthday because both mom and dad are home but our dad had a work thing that day which was actually a dodge ball tournament that he just "had to go to" (no, he really did) so we decided to have an early morning birthday celebration.

jack had previously requested what we wanted for his three meals on his birthday.  for breakfast he wanted french toast.  so, jason and i decided instead of birthday cake, which he had the night before at his birthday party with friends, that we would create a french toast cake.  we stacked pieces of french toast on top of each other making a giant tower and then topped it with strawberries, bananas, raspberries, powder sugar, and syrup.  it was by the far the best idea for a birthday cake yet.  most importantly, jack thought it was cool.

after the traditional birthday song and blowing out candles, it was the traditional time to open presents.  this year, jack got hot wheel cars, a lego book, and a lone ranger lego set that he had been eyeing.  he was very excited for all three gifts.

now that jack is 9 years old, i am officially feeling old.  i told jason on his birthday, that i couldn't believe we have a 9 year old.  it just feels old.  i think especially because i can remember back when i was 9 and in the 3rd grade.  it's like a flashback and i know the years are going to start flying by.  we only have 9 more years with jack and then he's off on a mission.  putting it that way, he is already half done with us and that makes me very sad.  they really do grow up fast.  (where's that pause button?)  being that he is our oldest, his birthdays always seem like reality checks.  yes, you are getting older and yes, so is he.  anyway, he is a great kid and has so much personality and we love him to death.

happy birthday kiddo.... hope your last year in the single digits is a good one.

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