Monday, June 17, 2013

sunday afternoon at the jacobson's | polaroids.

a couple of sunday's ago we took the kids over to our old side of town, tempe.  jason and i both grew up my whole childhood and jason his teenage years.  jason's aunt and uncle still live there and we like to go visit them because there nice and they have a kid friendly backyard.  it was a great afternoon.  the kids ran around the backyard talking to the horses and picking fruit off all their trees.  some for them and some for the horses.  the fresh fruit was delicious and the kids got a lesson on how to cut grapefruit.  who knew our visit would be educational too.  then uncle sonny/grandpa jacobson won all the kids over his snow cone maker.  they kept coming back for seconds and thirds and even fourths. there would've been fifths but i had to cut them off at some point.  when it was time to go, nobody wanted to leave.  jonah just sat on the riding lawn mower and kept saying "ride" until we had to pry his little body from it and the other ones kept running away from us.  after leaving their wonderful home,  it made me long for life on a ranch.  at least we always have one to go visit ;)

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