Wednesday, June 19, 2013



we had a few graduates this year.  eden graduated from her first year of preschool.  she was so excited. like disneyland excited.  she kept asking for days when her graduation was.  she personally invited our favorite neighbor, mia, to come watch her.  and of course mia came because her and eden and have this special little bond that is the cutest little thing.  anyway, eden graduated and i think it was one of her favorite days thus far.

ava graduated from kindergarten.  she and her fellow kindergartners put on a show with end of the year songs that were pretty dang cute.  some of them were even tear jerkers.  then she said her goodbyes to  some of her classmates and to her teacher, miss peluso, who she already misses dearly.  she is a really great teacher and we were so lucky to have her for jack and ava.  ava loved going to school everyday because she knew she was going to get to spend it with this special lady.

okay, enough of school... on to summer!

we have some pretty sweet trips coming up this summer.  we are actually calling this summer the summer of road trips because we will spending a lot of our days traveling in the car to some really cool places :)  stay tuned.

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