Friday, June 14, 2013

mother's day.

mother's day 2013.

since father's day is just a few days away, i thought i better get my mother's day post done.  i can't believe mother's day was over a month ago.  time flies.  i am such a lucky mom.  i have the best kids and they make me feel loved each and every day.  they have put up with a pretty crazy mom these past three and half months while i've been in nursing school.  and you know what, even though i haven't been mom of the year and even had to neglect them a time or two to study for a test, they still love me unconditionally.  that's pretty incredible.  they are why i love being a mom.  they make me want to be a better person and i just hope that in return i can love them back and be the best example to them that i can be.

on mother's day, they gave me the most awesome homemade cards and gifts.  they also said some very kind things to me that put a smile on my face.  seriously, these kids make my day and life would be pretty miserable without them...even though i do wish some days they could magically disappear for a few hours so i can clean my house but i know one of these days when they are all grown up and off living their own lives, i will be wishing they were back in my house making messes and running around like a bunch of crazies.

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