Friday, June 21, 2013

mexico: day 1.

just hours after school got out for the summer, we were in the car headed to mexico.  we don't mess around.

the first morning we were there, the kids were already out and about hunting for crabs and their first victim was a strange looking blue crab.  jonah was instantly obsessed with "crabbies" and all he wanted to do was sit and stare at them.  the rest of the day was spent swimming and hanging out on our bay front property.  there were also a few golf cart rides around the neighborhood and to the market.  the golf cart is also another one of jonah's obsessions.  the word "ride" is repeated at least a hundred times a day and most often we would find jonah just sitting on the golf cart waiting for someone to give him a ride.  he is all boy and i love it.

it was a nice relaxing first day in mexico with family and great way to kick off our summer vacation.  we sure do love this place...especially when it's warm out ;)  (remember our last trip.  it was freezing and we had no hot water.  not fun.)

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