Friday, January 11, 2013

new year's day break-feast.

instead of having a new year's day dinner, we decided to have a new year's day breakfast.  i like this idea way better since breakfast is my most favorite meal.  i can't believe 2013 is here!  we like to take this time and talk about goals and what we want to do this year to better ourselves and each other.  well, i think we all came to the table a little unprepared.  everyone was a little stumped when it came to their turn to share a few things they wanted to do better this year.  for the most part, the kids all agreed that they wanted to be nicer to each other and listen better to mom and dad.  we will see how that goes.  then jason and i shared a few things but we both realized that we need to write them down and add a few more to the list.  i feel like this new year snuck up on us a little bit but we are ready for it.  it's always nice to have a fresh start and a yummy breakfast fully equipped with party hats and horns left over from the night.  although, our ears were hurting by the end of the meal from some horn blowing kids, it was a great way to kick off  2013.  happy new year!

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