Wednesday, January 9, 2013

new year's eve.


the first half of our new year's eve was spent on mill avenue in tempe.  our niece/cousin, mckenna, was performing there that night and we all went out to cheer her on.  it was her first big live performance and she did soooo gooood.  i bet she will be famous one day so just watch for her.  all the kids were so into her singing and just watched her in amazement.  radio disney, the hosts for the night, also had the kids go up and stage and participate in some little contests that that were going on.  they had a ball with that.

the second half of our new year's eve was spent at home where we had our own little partay.  jason wasn't feeling very well and same with jack and eden fell asleep so it was basically me and ava that carried the party until after midnight.  every party has pooper and we had two or three of them but that's okay.  i believe this was the first year that ava made until midnight and she was living it up.  a little martinelli's, some party hats and horns, sparklers and confetti... and of course the count down in times square and the ball dropping which was on tv in the background.  it was a happy new year!  even with a bunch of sickies.

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