Monday, January 14, 2013

disneyland flashback.

eden and the princesses.

and you thought i was done posting about disneyland, not just yet... i have to say, eden adores the disney princesses, as do most four year old little girls i suppose.  she was willing to wait however long she had to to meet some of her favorite people in the whole world.  luckily, it wasn't too long.  when her time came to meet them she was in heaven.  she just smiled and nodded as they talked with her and asked her questions, being very bashful and bit giddy at the same time.  it was the cutest when she got to meet cinderella.  they seemed to have a connection from the very start as if they were long lost friends catching up on old times.  what a special day this was for eden, getting to meet five princesses!  i just love eden and her sweet smile.

the end. (of disneyland, i promise, or at least until we go again).

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