Wednesday, November 21, 2012

a trampoline!

my kids have been saving and saving for a trampoline.  mostly ava.  she started the whole thing and got eden and jack on board some time ago.  we agreed to get a trampoline if they paid for half of it.  sooo, they finally earned enough money and now we have a much cooler backyard.  just ask my kiddos, they'll tell ya.

jason got up early saturday morning and went to work with the trampoline building.  he had a few extra helpers along the way.  then, we stopped and took a break to eat some delicious stuffed french toast topped with fresh fruit for breakfast.  by late afternoon, the kids had already logged a few hours of jump time and were not slowing down.  needless to say, it has been an endless jump fest at the breinholt home these past couple of day.

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