Monday, November 26, 2012

breinholt turkey trot 2012.

i give you the breinholt turkey trot of 2012.

jonah breinholt: age 20 months (completed 3 laps).
eden breinholt: age 3 years (who completed 5 laps).
ava breinholt: age 6 years (who completed 7 laps).
jack breinholt: age 8 years (who completed 8 laps).
mama breinholt: age 31 years (who completed 10 laps)
daddy breinholt:  age 32 years (photographer who was suffering from strep throat and ear infections).

we are so thankful for our working bodies and for family time.

(ps if you have noticed, i have lost most of my pictures off my blog from an error i made through google picasa web albums.  it was a very sad day.  i hope i can fix the problem but it isn't looking good.)

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