Monday, November 19, 2012

gilbert days 1mile/5k run.

our little family took part in a local race this past weekend.  ava and jason ran the mile while jack and i did the 5k.  it was ava's first race and she did so well.  as for jack and i, we ran this race last year so we just wanted to beat our times, especially jack.  all he talked about was how he wanted to get in first in the 8 and under boys.  well, he didn't get first, buuutt he got second! we were so proud of him and he was so surprised.  he ran so hard and even beat his time by a couple of minutes.  i didn't do so bad myself.  i beat my last time by 6 or 7 minutes but that isn't saying much because last year when i ran i was having some thyroid issues and had to take it easy.  we just want to thank all of our cheerleaders, eden and jonah and nana and papa and kayda, dani, jeremy, and di anna.  we love all the support from our family :) (you better start training dad, i expect to see you out there next year!)

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