Monday, August 6, 2012

disneyland: day 2

we sure love this place.  we had another wonderful day of rides, family, characters, food, and fun. jack was able to ride california screamin first his first time thanks to his "magic shoes", as he calls them.  he loved it.  the kids visited dug from up and had no idea it was their best buddy, erin. (well, eden and jonah didn't know...jack figured it out and kept calling dug "erin".  oops. 7 year olds.)  and since we do know a little friend in the biz, eden was hooked up with a small private meeting with mickey and minnie.  she was beside herself to say the least.  it was the cutest thing ever and i think i am going to have frame this last's my absolute favorite.

next stop on our trip...the beach!

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