Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the beach.

i so look forward to coming to this place every summer.  newport beach feels like my second home because i have been coming here each summer for as long as i can remember.  it never disappoints... although, i do wish the water could be a little water.  it amazes me how cold that water is and somehow, i always force my way into it.  after a while the body goes numb and then it isn't so bad. jonah was such a natural beach bum.  he didn't mind if sand was in his eyes or mouth, he was all about wearing sunblock and he loved the water.  i was so happy that my baby loved the beach.  we spent days with family, building sand castles and such, bike riding, surfing, boogie boarding, kite flying, skim boarding, playing in the waves, and watching the olympics.  it was the perfect vacation.

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