Tuesday, July 24, 2012

summer project.



some mother's summer projects might be to reorganize the laundry room or to repaint a room or learn to sew a dress for their daughter but mine wasn't any of those.  mine was to take all of jack's legos and rebuild them again.  i was tired of seeing all of these lego pieces sitting in a box and hardly being used.  jack has collected quite a few sets over the years and it was time to put them to use again.

jack organized all the pieces by color while i started to go manual by manual rebuilding each little thing.  ava would help me find pieces and eden was there to ask questions that i couldn't answer (as usual, always full of questions).  it ended up being a family affair.  jason would even come in at times and sit and play games on his phone and watch. as strange as it may seem, legos were never his thing. what? jonah was actually a really good sport about the whole thing too.  he would occasionally watch but never tried to stick a lego in his mouth of mess with the neatly organized piles.

it only took us (me) around two weeks to complete this little project.  surprisingly, only a few pieces were missing and i was able to manage without them.  now, these legos are all put together and they are being played with...nonstop!  i'm always glad to see when i am getting my moneys worth ;) (plus, i strongly believe that putting legos together can be very therapeutic.)

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