Monday, July 23, 2012

gilbert swimming championships.

we are so proud of ava. she was a little rockstar at the town of gilbert swimming championships.  she placed second in the 25yd freestyle and second in the 25 yd butterfly for the 5-6 year old division. (she's only 5!) she was very exciting to watch and funny enough, i was so nervous for her.  now i know how my parents felt all those years during my swim races.

eden was putting on her own little show with the lifeguard's megaphone and jonah was just trying to keep cool by running through the splash pad and trying to escape into the pool whenever he got a chance.  i forgot how busy those 16 months old are.

well, i am officially signing off from swim team posts and happy to say that we survived another summer of early morning practices and dreadfully hot swim meets.  farewell until next summer, swim team.

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