Thursday, July 19, 2012

the summer is winding down.

things have been pretty boring around here lately.  i think that it's a sign that summer is winding down and school will be here before we know it.  yikes.  as much as i do love summer and no school, i feel that i am running out of things to do to entertain these children of mine.  swimming just isn't as exciting as it was at the beginning of summer and the constant one on one attention that my lovely kids think they need every second of every day is a little too much for me...then guilt sets in and i feel bad for not wanting to play a game with them or even make them lunch. (i definitely wouldn't win mom of the year.)  so, thank goodness for a $2 purchase at target, i got my kids these almost endless amounts of fun punch balloons.  they have been running all over the house playing with them.  we will see how long the fun lasts.  hopefully, it will last for the next week until we leave for a much needed trip to california where we will finish out our last days of summer.  i can't wait!!

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