Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas 2011

**the breinholt's**
christmas morning

what a day christmas is. it is such a thrill to watch my kids in pure delight.
this christmas i happened to wake up before my kids (around 7:30ish) and i went into their rooms to wake them up so i could be the first to see their surprised little faces when they walked into the family room to see what santa had brought them this year.
jonah who celebrated his first christmas, found a rocking horse, eden a tricycle, ava a shiny new bike, and jack an electric guitar that he has been asking santa for for a long time.
jason and i just sat back and watched the kids tear through their presents and stockings.
if only i could freeze christmas day for a whole week.
there is so much joy and happiness.
but most importantly, we are all together, healthy and well.

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