Monday, January 2, 2012

new year's day dinner

new year's day: January 1, 2012

we started a new little thing this year where we have a new year's day dinner and we talk about the things that we want to do and accomplish throughout the new year.
jack through a fit most of dinner because we didn't have any rolls for him to eat, ava thought everything was so fancy and so lovely, eden cried every time she tried to eat something because her mouth was hurting her and jonah was quite content with smothering his face with mashed potatoes.
the girlies kept cheersing with everyone to the new year.
they think that is such a grown up thing to do so when they are doing it i think it makes them feel so sophisticated.
(because after all, that is what we are. sophisticated. didn't you know?)
finally, we got around to asking the kids what their goals are for the year.
(except we had to explain to them what goals where first.)

jack: to learn karate so he can beat up his emenies. yes, emenies.
ava: wants to learn how to jump rope.
eden: disneyland. (i guess she just wants to get really good at going disneyland but that was all we could get out of her)

then, the parents said a few things that they wanted to work on...
jason: say family prayer together every night.
me: try to be more patient with my kiddos :)
(i really wish i could say to run a couple of marathons too but thanks to an overactive thyroid that won't be happening any time soonish. blasted thyroids!)

anyways, cheers to a new year!

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