Thursday, June 9, 2011

summer is really here

(ava at her pre-school graduation)

For some reason, it hasn't fully hit me yet that summer is here.
i feel like its just spring break or something and that the kids will be back in school next week.
jack brought home a bag full of stuff that he collected over the school year and it still sits on the counter untouched.
i guess i feel like if i put all his school stuff away than that will mean summer is really here.
it's not that i don't like summer because i do. i love it.
i love the heat. i love swimming. i love the long days. i love schedule free days.
i love it all.
buuuut jack had an amazing kindergarten year and i am really going to miss that.
especially his teacher, mrs. peluso.
i was secretly hoping that she would move to first grade next year so jack could have her again.
now, my only hope is that ava gets her for kindergarten too.
regardless, summer is here and i better embrace it or it will be over before i know it.
and we have lots to do... that is, whenever we get around to it because after all, it is summer.
and summer is the season of laziness.

(jack with his cousin carter at their kindergarten graduation.)

(jack receiving his kindergarten diploma.)

(jack and mrs. peluso)

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