Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a visit to papa's work

open wide... i told my kids that it was time to get their teeth cleaned which meant it was time to go visit their papa at work.
lucky for them, their dentist happens to also be their grandpa.

there are some definite perks to this.
for instance, you get to suck the spit out of your sister's mouth.
you get to play with the latex gloves and pretend you are the dentist.
and you get to push the button to snap the xrays.

ava showing off her freshly polished pearly whites.

my dad going to town on eden's teeth.
she didn't even budge.
after we left, jack said it was weird and he didn't like.
ava said the magic toothpaste tasted like it had sand in it and that it was gross.
eden had no comment.

good news: No cavities!
bad news: jack probably won't lose his first tooth until he's 8 years old.

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Hobbie said...

Deb, is he a pediatric dentist? i'm looking for a good one, i can trust, for a second opinion on my 1 yr. old....
The first one we went to wants to put Harrison under general anestesia and take out a tooth...which I am not really wanting to do at his age.