Monday, June 6, 2011

3 months old

it's hard to believe that this little monkey is already 3 months
he is growing up so fast.
all of his siblings love and adore him especially ava {a.k.a. his second mom}.
he has the longest eyelashes that curl up just perfectly.
he has the most scrumptious sausage arms.
he laughs and giggles and coos.
he loves his binky, chewing on his fists and could quite possibly be a vampire baby
since it appears that his k9's may pop through before any of his other teeth.
(that would be one awesome halloween picture.)
his dad also frequently calls him jonah-ba-bonah which absolutely has no meaning whatsoever.
jason is notorious for making up the most random nicknames.
it's great.
one more thing about 3 month old jonah,
he is one stellar baby who sleeps 8-9 hours straight at night ;)

i la-la-la loooove this baby.

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Marianne said...

I love that Bennett and Jonah have the same birthday!! He is so cute and your description is to the egzact of what's going on over here with Bennett! Even the sleeping 8-9 hours! Love it....