Wednesday, February 2, 2011

all we need is love

happy february

since february is supposed to be a month of love, i wanted to do something that would bring a
little love inside our home. hopefully.
so, i came up with a love chart for each kid.
all throughout the month, i will be closely watching each of my children to see what acts of love they can show towards one another.
for each unintentional act of love they do, they receive a sticker on their chart.
5 stickers = a toy from the treasure basket.
if they make it to 40 stickers, they get to go to peter piper pizza.

i just hope i can make it through the month without my kids driving me crazy and asking
me if they get a sticker for every single little thing they do.
for instance, ava gave me a kiss as she left for pre-school and then asked if she would
get a sticker for giving me kiss.
you should want to give me kiss anyway. silly girl.
in the end, i really hope we have love-ly month.

here, their charts will hang all month long.