Thursday, February 10, 2011


ever since this cute thang saw the movie tangled, she has wanted long locks just like rapunzel.
only problem is that her hair fits the title: TANGLED.
she has the most tangled knotted hair and would hate to have it brushed it out.
it was a constant fight.
so, i finally convinced her to let me cut off some of those tangles or "tingles" as she would say.
3 or so inches to be exact.

she still puts up a fight when it comes to brushing out her hair
but it only takes half the time to brush out now.
(and she looks pretty darn cute)
even if she has ketchup all over her face from eating her mickey mouse chicken nuggets
which she has to have every day for lunch.

if you remember, rapunzel cut her the end... but try telling an obsessed 4 year old that.
although, i think she secretly likes it better now :)

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