Monday, December 20, 2010


sunday morning
december 19, 2010
8:03 am

sunday mornings are killing me lately.
8am church is killing me.
i feel like no matter what time i wake up, i seem to arrive at church at least 15 minutes late.
it doesn't help that i am pretty much a single mom on sundays since jason always has some meeting.
i thought for sure we would be on time this past sunday and i really wanted too considering it was "christmas sunday".
i even took a shower a the night before so that would be one less thing to do.
but the morning played out a little different than i had expected (like it usually does.)
all the kids slept in which doesn't happen on any other morning.
jack woke up to find his dad had already left to set up chairs.
he really wanted to go so, this extremely upset him so he refused to eat breakfast.
ava was ready to go minus her hair when jack decided to spill her cereal all down her clothes.
now she's crying.
eden spills her cereal too while wearing only her pajama top (no diaper).
ava can't find her other shoe, i can't find anything that fits over my big belly.
my clothes are too small but maternity are too big. (hate this stage).
finally, everybody is ready and its already after 8am.
so, i hurry the kids in front of the tree to take a few photos so in the future we can look back
and pretend that we had it all together.

when i step back, i realize i am truly blessed with 3 amazing children.

after church, my kitchen turned into a bakery for the next 8 hours....

we baked and baked and baked some more.
cinnamon rolls, rice krispie treats, brownies, cookies, english toffee, and 7 layer bars.
i don't want to bake again for a long time.
we loaded up plates of goodies and delivered them to our friends and neighbors .
i would like to say that baking as a family brings us closer together but sometimes there are
too many cooks/kids in the kitchen :)
all in all, we baked with love.... well, sort of ish.

our finished product x 24.

oh, what a day!

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