Monday, December 6, 2010

my baby turns 2

this little monkey is officially 2.
which means she is officially in the terrible two's club.
although, she has unofficially been in the club for over 3 months now.

i believe putting whole rolls of toilet paper in the toilet, dumping out bottles of lotion, scaling the pantry to get food and then spilling it all over the floor, squeezing out whole tubes of
toothpaste, climbing on bathroom counters and playing with the faucet while flooding the
bathroom, and undressing herself and taking her diaper off constantly
are all things that would qualify her for this elite club.
she appears to be right on target.

on the other hand, she brings so much joy to my life.
she has an infectious laugh and already says the funniest things.
she is super tough and rarely cries when she get hurts.
she will squeeze me so tight and loves giving kissies.
her favorites are toy story, gogurts, "backpack" (dora), and baby dolls.
i am so sad to think that she will only be my baby for another 3 months but,
i know she will be a great big sister to her baby brother.

happy birthday eden bear!!

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