Thursday, December 30, 2010

christmas eve festivities

the kids had opened the last door on their chocolate filled advent calendar which meant only
one thing.... christmas eve had finally arrived.
although, i had felt it had come pretty fast.
but, to a kid, that day can seem like an eternity away.

that afternoon we went to lunch/dinner at mi amigos and then ventured over to uncle garin
and aunt lisa's house where we celebrated the coming day with various activities.

there was the coin game.

a christmas present handoff game.

cookie decorating for santa.

eden swinging with her cousin caden.
my handsome husband with my baby girl.
and, of course, the nativity.
jack and ava were mary and joseph.
a perfect role for a brother and sister.
caleb, playing the glorified role of the donkey.

we got back home just in time to catch the elves leaving christmas pajamas for the kids.
they always ring the door bell and run but leave behind cozy pj's at the door.
jack and ava were so excited but couldn't go to bed until they knew exactly where santa was.
i think he was somewhere in south america by the time they did go to bed,
which only left a couple of hours to fall into a deep sleep before he arrived at the
breinholt house.
and the children were nestled all snug in their beds....

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