Tuesday, January 4, 2011

christmas was here

santa did come.
he left some pretty great stuff.
not one was said to be disappointed.

eden: a new dog she can walk, more toy story guys, and books.
ava: baby "olive" (baby alive) in a high chair, books, make up, silly bands and lots of candy.
jack: toy story train legos, cars, junie b. jones books, silly bands, and candy.
mom: a lap top computer.
dad: a long board with a rowing stick.

it was a jolly morning in the breinholt home.
(mom and dad gave some pretty good presents, too)

merry be-lated christmas to all.


teamBoo said...

eden's hair is off the hook! i love it. Have fun with your new computer :)

Courtney said...

Livy got the same high chair with a baby! Congrats on a new one coming soon btw!