Saturday, May 15, 2010

ava in the spot light

ava's spring dance recital

ava lit it up on stage (a.k.a. the tennis courts). she was shaking her thing and dancing all around. her favorite move was the surfer move. the surfer move is when you act like you are surfing on a surf board. she had that one down pat.
there is nothing more entertaining than watching 3 year olds try to do a dance routine.
there are always the ones who are standing around doing nothing.
and then the few who are really trying do something and then the one girl who knows what she's doing.
ava was somewhere in the middle but she sure was cute.
jason and i had a good laugh.
after the whole production was over, the kids went to town on sticky, juicy popsicles.
which is now all over eden's carseat.

(there is nothing like melted popsicle dripping down your arm and neck)

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Courtney said...

I can't wait til Livy's the age to do that! Ava is so cute.