Monday, May 24, 2010

drink stand

jack and ava had their first lemonade stand on saturday.
it was actually rasberry ice crystal light since we were fresh out of lemonade.
it was a success even though jack was a little impatient.
instead of waiting for the customers to come to him, he went to them.
he went around knocking on the neighbor's doors asking if anyone wanted to buy some drinks.
he was able to guilt quite a few of them into forking over fifty since for a cup of ice cold crystal light.

(jack's creative drink sign that he made all by himself)

*my favorites this weekend were:
going to the gila valley temple dedication. {an amazing spiritual experience}
watching the suns beat the lakers.
indulging in more chocolate shakes.


The Hall Family said...

I love his sign!!! What did they spend their hard earned money on?

S and K said...

You need to call us when you're offering such a good deal on crystal light!!! ;) haha