Thursday, August 20, 2009

my little bff

this is ava.

a.k.a my little bff.

she is hilarious.
now that jack is gone all day, i get the privilege of hanging out with the coolest 
almost 3 year old ever.

why ava is so cool:
1. while she takes a shower she sings to bon jovi's living on prayer.
2. she helps me do my chores. (laundry, putting dishes away)
3. begs for her picture to be taken and then pretends not to look at the camera.
4. her favorite movie is home alone 2.
5. she is great at making conversation. (even if you don't feel like talking.)
6. she is always looking out for eden and lets me know if she has poop.
7. she can't help but make you smile even if she's mad and she is screaming
at you that you're not her friend.
8. she asks to go to bed at night.
9. she is girly and a tomboy at the same time.
10. she makes me laugh.

1 comment:

Kristin said...

OMG! whenever I do something Avery doesn't like, "I'm never going to be your friend!" is the reply I get. What is this?! To them it's like the greatest insult ever!