Monday, August 24, 2009

a lizard tale

i was running on the treadmill in the basement this morning... 
thinking to myself that running marathons really is crazy and i should just quit,
but then that would be totally worthless since i have already put in hundreds of miles,
including a 20 miler this past weekend.
and the weather was awful. humid, sticky, rainy, and windy. yuck.
so i would just be throwing that all away.
plus, i only have 6 weeks left til st. george, so i might as well stick it out.
while my feet are pounding away and my breathing is getting heavy, ava runs in 
from her bedroom to announce that there is a dead lizard in her room.
um. hmmm.
okay, go tell dad.
so she runs up the stairs to get him.
they come back down and it turns out that it is a real lizard. a real big lizard.
but not in her actual room.
just in the window well of her room.

meet the lizard living in ava's window well.

ava the explorer.
she couldn't stop checking him out.
her uniform: pink pj top, hello kitty undies, and zebra binoculars. 

then the curtains came crashing down.

jason was supposed to fix those last saturday.
i guess he never got around to it.

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