Tuesday, August 18, 2009

jack's birthday party

somehow i pulled off jack's birthday party. 
with only five hours of sleep, i had ran 18 miles, baked cupcakes and a cake, decorated,
cleaned and mothered 3 kids without the husband. jason took off shortly after i had
gotten done running to live out his dream of being a contestant on family feud. he had told
me 2 days prior that his family got picked for auditions on the same saturday as the party.
so, 10 minutes before go time, jason walked through the door and me, still a sweaty grease
ball covered in cake batter and frosting, headed to the shower.
as they say on broadway, the show must go on. and it did.
it wasn't the greatest party ever but i think jack still had fun. 
his friends watched a movie and ate popcorn and licorice until their little bellies were content.
then topped it off with some tasty marshmallow cupcakes.

hip hip hooray for birthday parties and for the crazy moms who throw them.


Kara said...

my kids loved it.

Kristin said...

When does the family feud show air?! We will so record it!
The cupcakes were so cute! I know Parker had fun!

The Hall Family said...

Great job, looks like a fun party to me! Okay and you better post when that episode of Family Feud is going to air. I am definitely going to watch!