Friday, May 15, 2009

my dream house

i found it. 
my dream house... in eugene, or.
yes, i am still hooked on the oregon thing and yes, this very house is on the market as i type.
however, because of this wonderful recession we are in, i am lacking the funds.
that is why it is my dream house and not my reality house.
i absolutely love all the windows and openness and cottage charm.
(however, i am excepting donations from anyone who has some extra cash lying around.)
{any takers??}
i can just picture all my kids eating their breakfast on this super fabulous built-in nook.
i could not have thought up a more perfect kitchen in my little head.
and of course, all of the other rooms are, unfortunately, as equally cute and quaint.

in the mean time, i will just cry myself a river.
make it an ocean.


Carolyn said...

OH! you weren't kidding...

Courtney said...

Seriously cute. Why can't they make anything remotely that quaint in az?

We had to go all stucco and cookie cutter here in the desert.

Kristin said...

How much is that house listed for? I especially love the two peek-a-boo windows on the roof! crying and rain are synonymous, you should do fine there. :)

scott and lindsey said...

yeah, this house is pretty much amazing.. and if i had any extra cash lying around.. i think I might buy it myself! Don't worry- I'll let you come over ANY time you want! ;) I wish.

Kaylani said...

hey deb...maybe if we pool our money together we could have joint ownership. I mean, two moms in the same house is never a bad idea...unless of course there is only one dad. :)