Tuesday, May 12, 2009

breakfast in bed

i was sitting in bed sunday morning, which happened to be mother's day, wondering if i should get up or not. usually, i am greeted with a special breakfast in bed. i waited a couple of minutes and decided i should just get up because it wasn't going to happen this year. as i turned the corner, my husband saw me and told me to get back in bed because a surprise was coming.

back in my bed, i patiently waited. moments later, my sweet boy jack came in with a big smile on his face and a piece of paper in his hand.  giggling with excitement, he looked at his paper and began asking me what i would like to drink for breakfast. i told him water would be great.

he quickly returned with a glass of water and preceded to ask me what i would like to eat. he tried to talk me into the french toast but i had to turn him down. then he asked if he could have a drink of my water to which i replied "yes, why of course". i then told him eggs and toast would be the most delicious breakfast ever. actually, i knew it would be the fastest thing to make on the list, knowing i still had to shower and get everyone ready for church in just a short hour.

he ran out of the room with my order, but not before getting another a drink of water and telling me happy mother's day, again, for the tenth time mixed with some i love you's. by now ava and eden were sitting with me and a few minutes later jason with jack trailing behind returned with my made to order breakfast in bed.

it was a delightful mother's day morning, sitting in bed with my children and eating my eggs, toast, and homemade hash browns, an extra bonus, and drinking my half drunken water.

thank you, my sweetest kids,
i love being your mother

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The Hall Family said...

Very cute!!! I love eggs and toast too :)