Monday, May 18, 2009

hello summer

summer has arrived.... right on time... 6 weeks before the rest of the country.

i always know its here because i am always greeted with a lovely attractive sun blister right on my lower lip. without fail. the beginning of summer=big fat sun blister on lip. i get it. i just wish one summer i could manage to escape this warm welcoming.

we have already been swimming in our pool for a good 3 weeks now and jack is on his way to becoming the next michael phelps. he loves jumping off the side and he is getting pretty good at it.
however, ava isn't too fond of the water but she is starting to get her feet wet. she seems to be more worried if she has put enough sun block on or not. she probably reapplies it at least 20 times in an hour. the good news is she won't get sunburned. eden just hangs out in her saucer and looks out at us from the covered patio like we are a bunch of crazies.

some of our other past times have included visiting the splash park by tempe town lake. the difference between there and swimming in our backyard is getting to see a wide a variety of people. like the overweight lady  who feels she needs to walk around with her boob hanging out and her baby strapped to her side. disgusting. this isn't africa and its not the discovery channel, so put that thing away. thank you very much(i am pro nursing, by the way, just not the flash your boob kind of nursing). 
at least jack gets to make use of his umbrella because we all know that thing aint gonna be used for rain anytime soon. 

so summer is here wether we like it or not. and i do like the idea of summer and i actually kind of like the heat, well, okay... maybe hawaii heat, but i do love the swimming and the getting wet part, but i don't like the steaming hot car when your trying to buckle your kids in and they are screaming and crying because they feel like their faces are melting off. so, i end this post with a quote from jack as we were leaving from the splash park today and our car was 400 degrees.

"mom, i hate the heat... its soo hot. i hate arizona. why can't we move to oregon. like, forever."

(coincidence, i think not)


Nathaniel and Rachel Allen! said...

...I found your blog :)
no, no, no, no, no to Oregon. That house is beautiful but really and truly you would miss Arizona! Although, I love everything Arizona so maybe you shouldn't listen to me...
Anyhow let's get together soon, LOST or no LOST, we're friends!

Lindsay Brummer said...

i love these pictures of your kids.

S and K said...

Man did I miss the 'african show' at the splash pad? I must go back!!! Tell Jack to stop such nonesense! RIGHT NOW! I'll slash the tires of any moving van that comes near your house! (Oh, I think the heat might make me a little fisty!!) And to your summer heat welcmomer woes, I am sorry! I thought the peeling like a snake mine are doing was bad....I'll shut my face! ;)