Thursday, April 9, 2009

little chicks

the kids came running inside from playing and were yelling "mom miss kitty gave us chicks!" first of all, kitty is our sweet old neighbor who lives across the street. her full name is miss kitty upchurch. that's for real. it's creepy enough that we live in a perfect tree lined street neighborhood but we also have a neighbor named kitty upchurch. she is probably 80 going on 150 but she is pretty sweet. 

so at first, i was thinking real chicks, what? then i see jack and ava holding these little fluffy chicks. they are so cute and my dear old neighbor who puts up with who knows what from my sometimes annoying kids, gave these little eastery creatures to them. not only did they love them but it put a big fat smile on their dirty little faces.

thanks kitty!

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