Monday, April 6, 2009

weekend overview

(spring artwork by the lovely jack and ava)

this weekend started off with a visit to the doctor for eden's 4 month checkup. we always knew she had a ginormous head but it didn't hit me until i saw it in writing... 97th percentile! no wonder we have to stretch her shirts out to get them over her head. a big head to go with her big eyes. but she is the most beautiful baby and such a sweet chunkster.
other highlights of the weekend:

*completed my 18 mile run. yay! (my longest run before my next marathon which is may 3rd in eugene, oregon)
*seeing my happy children's faces and my supportive husband as the brought me water and gatorade during the grueling 18 mile run.
*got to watch conference. i love hearing the general authorities speak. it is like one big giant pep rally getting me all spiritually pumped up for the next 6 months.
*our bathrooms got cleaned and my wonderful husband can take all the credit for that. i do the laundry (and everything else) and he does the bathrooms. fair trade? maybe, if you saw how disgusting our bathrooms were.
*no church meetings for jason!
*got to spend large amounts of time with my family :)


Carolyn said...

you are so dedicated! and so quiet about such an accomplishment...way to get that 18 miler out of the way! i'm jealous...;)

greg & allyson said...

deb--when did your baby get so old? I'm so out of the loop; i didn't even know she was born yet. what a little sweetheart!