Monday, April 13, 2009

easter eve

every year on the saturday before easter, my lovely parents host a marvelous easter egg hunt for all the grandkids. the kids all hunt for eggs and then we indulge ourselves with a huge delicious breakfast.  this year, we woke up to a cold unusually rainy easter eve day. but that didn't stop the kids. they had a blast sloshing through puddles until the last egg was found.

the menu:

*delicious homemade cinnamon rolls.
*french toast casserole with homemade raspberry syrup. 
*fresh to order omelets.
*fruit salad.

my brother garrett preparing the fruit salad.
my dad, the master chef, making omelets for everyone.
he is seriously one of the best cooks ever.
he's totally into it.
everything was so yum.
my mom and eden.
ava finding those eggs with help from her aunt kayda
and her cousin hannah.
jack soaking wet and loving it.
his uncle jeremy helped him search.

the hunt is over and the counting begins...
thanks nana and papa!


Kaylani said...

Deb...we did the exact same thing except our egg hunt was cancelled because of weather AND irrigation! We do made to order omletts by boiling them. Have you ever tried it? Delicious. Put your name on a ziploc bag and add 2 eggs and any toppings you like. Then drop into boiling water for 13 minutes. So easy and fluffy. It works really well with large crowds and was so good on that chilly morning. Nice for busy school mornings,too. When that time comes for you ;)

Marianne said...

Oh my Gosh my mouth is watering...I need a cinnamon roll!! NOW. Ava's hair is long and all three are so cute!!!

The Hall Family said...

What a fun tradition!! I am gonna have to see if our family want to copy and do that every year :) It was nice to see some pics of your family too, it has been a long time.