Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter mourn

easter morning started out with jack waking up at 6 something in the morning. from there he decided he would go through his easter basket and then proceeded to play with his new little treats from the easter bunny and eat some of his new candy. cool. so by the time me and jason rolled out of bed, jack was already in full swing. ava, however, waited for her sleep deprived parents to get up until she discovered what the easter bunny had brought her. she was so excited.

the easter bunny brought candy, bubbles, books, 
and some fun little toys.

eden was super excited for her new little duck.

easter egg hunting.

jack and ava could not wait to blow some bubbles.
ava chased while jason and jack blew.

eden also loved her new caterpillar.
she couldn't wait to chew and drool all over it.

jack putting his lightning mcqueen puzzle together.

we were running a little late for church, so, i only had time to snap some quick photos of eden and ava all fancied up.
it was a happy easter mourn.


Courtney said...

I am in love with Ava's bed head! So cute!

The Hall Family said...

Love the Easter dresses.