Monday, January 26, 2009

pop it

that is my husband.
yes.  he likes to "pop" his collar.
yes.  his friends make fun of him. 

yes.  he makes me laugh.  a lot.

yep.  it's still popped.
and yes.  i love him to death.


Chelsea said...

i love your new hair! And your shades! I want some real bad.

Carolyn said...

Adam and i love him BECAUSE he pops his collar, and i love you both for not being mad at me for falling asleep when you came to visit :)


If it makes you feel any better, that huge chunk of seven layer bar you left for my breakfast (thank you) well...Sheamus found it, and ate the whole thing.

freaking kids.

The Hall Family said...

Love the collar. Too funny. At least he is up on fashion.