Friday, January 23, 2009

home sweet nyc

every  night seems to be somewhat eventful in our house. last night was no exception. i was downstairs cleaning up toys while the husband was watching me but keeping himself busy as he small chatted to me. jack and ava were upstairs watching one of their favorite movies, Home Alone, a definite classic-- they have been watching it since november now. jack has also been setting booby traps all over the house since november now. cars at the top of the stairs is one of his favorites. anyway, back to last night. it was pretty quiet upstairs and quiet is never good with kids.  so, the husband ran up to check on them only to find that they had devoured an entire symphony bar... my symphony bar. you know the ones with toffee and almonds. so yum. i actually kind of laughed about it until i remembered that they had already had ice cream with chocolate syrup. what were they thinking? i guess we are mean parents because we made them go to bed after that and it was right before the booby trap part. jack was pretty mad as he sat in his bed and screamed things like "your not my friend anymore" and "you make me so sad". hmmm.

after the tears and shouting had appeared to stop and it was just me and the husband and eden sitting around sort of watching tv, i asked jason if he could live in any state which one would he pick? at first, he said hawaii but then changed his mind because he said he would get claustrophobic being on an island.totally weird. i know. then he just kind of sat there and said he wasn't sure and he would have to think about it some more. then i said what about new york? would you want to live in new york city if you could? and without hesitation he said, "oh yeah. that is one of the places i still want to live." i just looked at him and smiled. then i told him that i was so glad that we think the same. and that he doesn't think i am totally crazy for wanting to live in a cool unrealistic place.

i love that after 6 1/2 years of marriage we still find pleasure in the same things and that he really is my bestest friend in the whole world.


The Hall Family said...

I am with ya. My latest is that I want to move to Grease.

Marianne said... guys are cute!

scott and lindsey said...

i like this.. sounds like you guys are so much enjoying each other and your marriage. You know, NYC isn't really as unrealistic as you think it is.. you just have to "adjust", but you could do it! Trust me! xx