Tuesday, January 27, 2009

super heros+birthday party=hours of fun

*you never want to miss one of these birthday parties.
you see, my friend carolyn is a professional party planner.
( ok, not really, but she should be. i make her do all of mine and the compliments never stop flowing.)

all the kids wore super hero capes and had their faces painted of their favorite super hero.
probably a kids dream.
to get to be a super hero for a day.

little miss ava flaunted her pink cape.  she just thought she was special 
because she got to wear pink.  her most favorite color
in the whole world.
here ava hurt a toe and wanted me to take a picture of it.
she has to hurt herself at least five times at a single event.
i guess by taking a picture of it she felt better.
hmmm.  what should i do next?
a) make another little girl cry.
b) see who i can sneak up on and scare them.
c) go down the slide one more time.
*meet the future ava ann dike.  she is in love with sheamus.
just look at how excited she is.  she can hardly stand it.
who wouldn't want to be swept off their feet by a charming
spiderman/hulk/superman blond haired little boy?
this is elyott.  she is the birthday girl.  jack has known her his entire life.
she turned 6 years old.
Happy birthday Elyott! again.
we love you!
something about kids and presents.  its like they turn into little monsters 
and start pushing each other around just so they can say they were
closest to the present that was being open.  its actually quite
entertaining to watch.
ava devouring her cake.  probably because her parents forgot to
feed her lunch.  or because it's chocolate cake.
ava had missed nap time and so she was quite cranky by this point.
she insisted that i carry her around.  thank goodness jason
was around and i could hand her off when the arm got tired. which was about
5 seconds after this picture was taken.
jack kept putting off this moment until the end of the party.
he really wanted to be like the other kids and have his face painted 
it is just so painful for him.
can you just sense the anguish on his face.
he hates anything near his eyes because, thanks to me, he has no eyelids
and therefore no protection for his eyes.
also, his cheeks are just so big that they too push into his eyes.  poor guy.
but he did it.  way to go jack.
this is the amazing carolyn.  i am sure she doesn't mind me posting this picture of her.
she is the master mind behind the party. what? you thought you were going
to get out of this without getting any credit.  not so fast.

*thanks again for another "super" party.  jack and ava had a blast.
(you really do give martha stewart a run for her money)


Carolyn said...

ahhh! i thought i deleted all of those. It really brings out the mullet in my hair ;)

Deb you are such a sweet exaggerator. But thank you! The face painting clearly went down hill with jack, i might as well have just slapped some bloody road kill on his face!

You are a good friend ;)

P.S. i need to come get your camera!

The Hall Family said...

That is a really fun idea! She should be a party planner