Saturday, January 17, 2009

hearing aids anyone?

Jack:  mom can have a piece of chocolate?
mom:  just wait a second.
husband:  don't talk to him about his weight.
mom:  what did you just say.
husband:  you shouldn't talk to him about his weight.
mom:  all i said is you should just wait.
husband:  oh, i thought you were referring to his weight. 
c'mon.  do i really look like the type to be giving my 4 year old a lecture on watching his weight. he may have been the cutest chubby cheekster baby in the whole world but i would NEVER tell him to watch his weight (unless he was one of those freekishly obese children who show up on geraldo already weighing in  at 100 lbs by 2 years old) but he's not.  just look at that face. cute, i know. worse enough my own husband thought i was worried about him getting fat. don't worry i set him straight. and then we laughed about it.


Anonymous said...

LOL- that's a funny story!!

The Hall Family said...

That is funny, I laughed out loud :)