Tuesday, January 20, 2009

drive-in and stay awhile

i guess the one good thing about having three children home and not in school (besides that i get to spend every waking moment with them) is we don't ever have to rush home on a week night to get them to bed :)

last night the husband had a good idea. crazy, i know. but we packed up the truck with tons of cushions and blankets and went to the movies.  jack and ava had a blast. okay, so did the parents. maybe even eden too. we watched two movies and got all cozy together. we even had takeout from pei wei. that's right. dinner and two movies. with kids. all snuggled together. on a monday night. until 12 am. 


Carolyn said...

what a great way to put that extra maroon couch to use. Sounds like a perfect night!

S and K said...

Such a cute & fun idea. That looks pretty cozy! I can't believe you made it through 2 movies.