Saturday, November 1, 2008


what can I say? we went trick or treating and had a good ol' time.  

first we had a delicious dinner of homemade chili.  

then into the costumes. 

ava actually kept her wig on most of the night which surprised us all.  

she started eating her candy from the ward trunk or treat from the night before which did not surprise us at all, before we even started trick or treating.

never mind the old lady he almost chased us down on our golf cart and gave us a dirty look for having jack riding on the back by himself even though jason was holding on to him.

everyone kept asking me if i made my kids costumes.  just had to laugh since i don't know the first thing about sewing.  it was a nice thought though.

ava made us all laugh when she got a toothbrush in her bag and exclaimed, "woo hoo."

ava made us laugh again when the creepy scary man handing out candy scared her so bad that she wouldn't even get close to him but with quivering lips, blew him kisses instead and then said "bye friend" as she walked away.

at one point, jack's bag got so heavy that he couldn't hold it by the handle anymore but had to cradle it with both hands and still wanted more candy.

thanks to dark yards and people who don't pass out candy, jack had a place to quickly relieve himself and resume trick or treating without skipping a beat.

went to my parents house for halloween party where my little brother smeared cupcake all over jack's face and inside his ear and all over his costume.  not funny.

went to a cousin's haunted house which was awesome.  good job allen's.

drove home around 11:30 pm with two sleeping kids recovering from a night of partying and an overdose of sugar.

*this is what halloween is all about.  

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The Hall Family said...

That is one fun filled night. They look so cute in their costumes.