Thursday, October 30, 2008

pumpkins and cats and ghosts, oh my

Jack and Ava had tons of fun cutting out halloween shapes and eating the left over sugar cookie dough.  Then Jack looked to his creative side and decorated most of the cookies himself.  Pouring on the sprinkles was his favorite part.  Ava got to take a nap during this part.

After they were all decorated, Jack took plates of cookies to all of his friends.  He was so excited.  Although, he was a little confused.  He thought he was actually selling them to his friends rather than just giving them away.  Some day he may realize that selling and giving are two different things.  But for now, he loves "selling" things to people.


Carolyn said...

you forgot the part where Jack was so excited....he ran over my son with a golf cart.

The Hall Family said...

Mmm! Sugar cookies with frosting are my favorite.